About Spotlight Latvia

Spotlight Latvia 2022 in Los Angeles

The Spotlight Latvia Los Angeles business conference, organized by the Latvian American Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with the Foreign Ministry of Latvia, the Latvian Investment and Development Agency, the American Chamber of Commerce in Latvia and the American Latvian Association, will enable U.S. companies to better learn about the advantages of conducting business in Latvia, a Northern European country with great economic growth potential that serves as a gateway to Scandinavia, Russia and Asia. Spotlight Latvia L.A. will also introduce the U.S. business community to dynamic Latvian companies that offer appealing products and services focused on entertainment, multimedia and technology. U.S. companies can benefit by working with innovative Latvian companies and by seeking expansion opportunities in Latvia and the adjacent region.

About Spotlight Latvia

The Spotlight Latvia conference will enable U.S. companies to better learn about the advantages of conducting business with Latvian companies and in Latvia. It will ultimately introduce the U.S. business community to several dynamic Latvian companies that offer appealing products and services, potentially opening the door to other parts of Europe and Eurasia less known to North America.

Utilizing a fast-paced, immersive presentation style, the conference allows attendees to identify key business advantages of the Latvian region and products or services from Latvia that may be of interest to U.S. companies. Matchmaking/private meeting opportunities will be available so that the conference may lead to lasting engagements.

Why Latvia?

  • Highly-educated workforce with great technical skills
  • Pro-business policies; low corporate taxes
  • Salaries and costs remain much lower than U.S. and Western Europe
  • Strategic location in Northern Europe bordering Scandinavia and Russia
  • Member of the European Union (EU) and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
  • Home to innovative and competitive companies
  • Growing economy with GDP rising faster than rest of Europe
  • English is spoken by the majority of Latvians
  • Maintains a robust parliamentary democracy and a stable government

Why should you attend Spotlight Latvia?

Explosive growth in both Northern and Eastern Europe is reshaping the continent. While many global businesses continue to invest in established markets such as France and Germany, more of them are finding new and profitable opportunities in countries such as Latvia. Doing business in Latvia not only unlocks opportunity there, but it also opens the gates to newly emboldened countries in Northern and Eastern Europe as well as established countries such as Sweden and Russia. Recently, Latvia has emerged as a gateway between Europe and China via its transport and logistics industries.

Top Latvian government officials and private industry titans will highlight products and services from Latvia and how to invest in and do business with Latvia.  Executives will be present from many key Latvian industries such as film, entertainment, music, technology, gaming, multimedia, global business services plus many more.

Who should attend Spotlight Latvia?

The conference is ideal for individuals representing companies that are looking for private equity, trade, investment, transportation and logistics opportunities and partnerships with Latvian and other Northern European companies.

How can I attend Spotlight Latvia?

Please fill out the following form to register for the Spotlight Latvia conference. A representative will reach out to you to confirm your participation.