Film in Latvia

National Film Center
“Film Latvia”

Besides the fact that film production costs in Latvia are much lower than those in Western Europe, Latvia’s governmental and municipal bodies offer international film production co-financing of up to 50%.

Film Riga

“The Historic Centre of Riga is of outstanding universal value unparalleled anywhere in the world.”

Decision of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee, 1997

Film Industry and Rebate Program (PDF)

A cash rebate of up to 50% of expenditures can be received on eligible production costs.

Invest in Latvia

Invest in Latvia

Discover main competitive advantages of doing business in Latvia. Some of the main are cost effectiveness, highly skilled workforce, well-developed infrastructure, macroeconomic stability. But there are many more.

Labs of Latvia

Innovations and Technologies in Latvia. Innovation & technology topicalities and experience stories of Latvian companies for your inspiration, event calendar for your growth, available support tools and mechanisms for your business development.

Latvian American Chamber of Commerce

The Latvian American Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to promoting its members’ business interests and building global relationships.

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